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Build Your Own Apps for iPhone and iPad
If you have studied a bit of programming and if you have the passion to build your own app, your search ends with us. We have the best team of engineers to make this happen for you.

  • Learn App DevelopmentWe are ISO 9001-2008 Certified  
  • Our intern won the best app award in the UK 
  • We have created the NYC Bigs Apps finalist app 2012 
  • We have PHP and Magento Certifications 
  • We have created world's first EyeHear iPad app for the blind to color and see 
  • We have Advanced SEO Certifictions from Fabian Lim 
  • We have created the first cross platform game called Khet the Laser Game for Android, iPhone and iPad 
  • We offer 
    • Onsite training for you 
    • Offsite training workshops 
    • Online training videos 
    • Remote training 
  • We build 
    • Custom biz apps 
    • Custom educational aps 
    • Augmented Reality apps 

What to be Prepared to be a Successful Apps Developer? 

Do you want to be one of the most successful apps developer Singapore? If you are following the flow of the technology development, you must understand the prospect that you can get to have a career in the field. The field offers you a wide choice of opportunity to get success. One of them is to be a apps developer. Think about the promising result, it is sure that there are a lot of people who are interested in joining the market. So, how will you survive in this crowded app market?

Since the app business is developing fast, you should make sure that people or your target clients notice you in this race or crowded Singapore market. If you already have a professional background what you can do to embark on app devepment differs from someone with abosultely no technical background. If you are a newbie then it is better to use RAD (Rapid App Development) tools instead of learn to program from ground up. You may be aware that the two most prosperous marketplaces are the Apple’s App store, that supply apps for iOS products such as iPhones and iPads, and the Google’s Play Store that provides apps for Android products. So, if you want the big fishes, you need to join both of them.

If you want to be the developer for iOS apps, you can start by using Mac computer to run the apps. The next thing to do is to apply to join them. After you pay to sign up as developer, you can submit your app. Then you should wait for their approval whether they want to approve your apps or not. The steps are little bit similar if you decide to join Google Play or other market places. Since the development of the technology is a global issue, it is not limited to certain area or certain country. Singapore market for this field is wide open and yes, it is your chance to show your talents and ideas. Grab the opportunity to develop your own app.

So, are you interested to be a successful app developer in Singapore?

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