AR Apps - The new buzz in Singapore

August 10, 2012
Written by: Sreeprakash Neelakantan

Augmented Reality is the New Trend of the Future of Game Developers in Singapore

Augmented reality is a relatively new technology in the game developing world of Singapore. This is the technology where images are enhanced, virtual objects can appear at a moment's notice, and the overall gaming experience is enhanced. It offers a realistic feel of game graphics but with an augmented touch offered by the computing device, which can be through the iPad, iPhone or any other computing devices. It's like giving your device glasses.

AR Game Developing is the Wave of the Future

The idea seems a simple one for the average user, but for developers in Singapore, the ramifications can be far reaching. Primarily, this trend offers great growth potential for new developers entering into the market, as specialists in this area will be highly sought after. Essentially, those that are experienced in the Singapore developing field believe game and learning applications will replace the current game developing methods. In the future, an AR game may involve your wearing a heads-up display and when you look up; you'll find a world where everything you see has information and data floating next to it. Don't worry! We haven't reached that point yet. Still, augmented reality game design is very exciting.

Game designers in Singapore can now develop games and educational applications that allow them to place hidden data or information next to objects with the use of this new AR technology. We can create interfaces that merge virtual objects and data easily. It offers a myriad of opportunities to both experienced and novice game developers all over the world. The potential is only as limited as the game developer's imagination. With this application, developers will be able to create designs that merge both social and physical interaction with the interactive functioning of computers, iPads, iPhones and Smartphone technology.

New Trends Bring Money

When developing apps and games is your industry, you must always keep an eye out for new trends and technologies such as augmented reality. Remember, to stay ahead of the game and create apps that are on top in the AppStore and on Google Play, you want to offer beautiful app design and challenging play. Augmented reality can help you create that beauty, the engagement and social interaction you want your game app to have. This is the technology that creates that emotional involvement of good game play.

Social Interaction

As mentioned before, augmented reality can help you integrate better social functioning. It allows you to create backgrounds and settings where different players can interact verbally and socially in a pleasing way.

Game Immersion

AR game development also improves game immersion, so users feel really involved in the game play. Animated creatures can appear out of tree trunks and AR dragons can suddenly appear next to players, making for a more intense gaming experience.

In the End

As the technology advances in app design and development in Singapore, the limits of augmented reality will continue to be pushed. New developments in technology hardware such as the introduction of the iPad3, the new iPhone and more powerful Android devices, the use of augmented reality in gaming applications will experience tremendous growth potential.

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