PreSchool Activities for Singapore


Activities for PreSchool Singapore Kids K to 1: Kids Have Fun While Learning Too.

PreSchool Activities for Kids K to 1

Are you new to the app world? Do you have that great iPad or iPhone and want to know what kind of app you should get for your Singapore kids? Every parent wants their child to take advantage of technology, but as a parent, you certainly don't want your preschool aged child to become like some of those mind numb teens who spend every second playing those mindless video games. You want to bring technology to your Kindergarten to first grade child, but in an educational way, and that is what an app like Activities for PreSchool Singapore kids K to 1 can help you do.

This app opens the world of narration to children. It's aim is to get children to love to read, love math and language arts even before they learn to read. In this adventurous app, Singapore children help Sphen, the penguin get to Penguins cove. They help him find food, go through obstacles, tread through treacherous terrain to get to this penguin sanctuary. Children are fascinated with the fun learning activities, easy finger interaction, the beautiful colors and wonderful narration of the "Activities for PreSchool Singapore Kids K to 1."


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Learning Activities

Children can access several stories at each of the adventure stages of Sphen. They will love the story and have the opportunity to start learning basic sight words as they read along with the narration. Kids also learn to count with the fun counting games, as well as simple addition and subtraction. The app allows for different challenge levels to keep children of different ages entertained and help them acquire the concepts they need for their age level.

Why Is This Type of Learning Important?

Every teacher, school and parent is beginning to understand the importance of integrating technology into teaching as it gives children a real world setting for the concepts being learned. By introducing children to these concepts before they enter elementary school, you give them a distinct advantage over other children. Apps like "Activities for PreSchool Singapore Kids K to 1, helps children learn to read, learn basic math concepts and puts it into a real world context for them.


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