Aqua Bubble Shooter: The Fun Bubble Shooting Game!


Are you stressed out? Or do you just want to pass your time? Either way, Aqua Bubble Shooter is an exciting way to keep your mind off everything else.

Don’t go by the simple looks of this game for it packs quite a punch. Though the appeal of the game lies in its simplicity, it puts you on a competitive frame of mind as you try to burst the bubbles with a vengeance. A tap or a poke at the multi-coloured bubbles makes it pop and gets you a point, but pop the wrong bubble – the porcupine bubble and your game will end. But there is always a silver lining – the silver bubble; poke and burst it, and you will not only get 5 bonus points, but you will also get the much coveted extra life.

A simple yet fun bubble shooting game for Singapore kids and adults alike - to while away those extra lazy minutes


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You need not just sharp eyes to spot the bubbles as they quickly swim by, but you also have to possess the quickest finger to burst the bubbles as fast as you possibly can. Miss the bubbles and you will start to lose the 10 lives one by one.

The speed of the game increases after 15 bubbles pass by. As the bubbles pass you at amazing speeds, it takes all your focus to keep bursting the right bubbles, and to steer clear of the porcupine bubble.

Get the highest score, save it and compare it with other players. The top score is always displayed on the screen.

This game is Game Centre-enabled, so it allows you to compete to get the top score, save your scores, and share it with other players around the globe.

Enjoy the effortless, fun activity of bubble bursting, brought to you with a thrilling, competitive twist that promises to take your attention from everything else.

Happy bubble shooting!

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