Augmented Reality Singapore

August 3, 2012
Written by: Sreeprakash Neelakantan

How is Singapore Catching up with AR Apps?

What is augmented reality? Augmented reality, also known as AR, is a innovative computerized application that allows objects, sounds, or other real world characteristics either directly or indirectly imposed from a physical environment to be infused with highly realistic computer generated imagery and sound live and in real time. Due to recent advances in technology throughout the world, object recognition and computer vision allow the realistic components of the surrounding environment to become digitally interactive and manipulable. Artificial objects and sound can be incorporated into the realistic world, allowing users to experience their favorite games, movies and songs as if they are truly part of the presentation. With some applications, users can even add "pets" or objects of interest to their experience.

What Types of Reality Augmentation are Available?

There are a number of advanced augmented reality applications available today which target audiences of all ages. From movies and games that allow younger participants to join their favorite characters, to more advanced versions which allow more mature users to involve themselves in the realistic participation of more advanced games, music, movies, and events, augmented reality is designed to meet the interests of a wide variety of consumers. It is used by youngsters, teenagers, and adults, and even in military training, robotics, and manufacturing. This advanced form of virtual reality is designed so that users can not distinguish the augmented additions or manipulations from the real world.

Where did the Idea for Augmented Come From?

Augmented reality Singapore is actually a highly advanced version of an application and idea that has been in existance for many years; mediated reality. Mediated reality, however, simulates reality and allows users to experience an altered perception of true reality. With augmented reality, the real world environment is not simulated, rather real world objects are incorporated into the presentation, game, or movie in a way that allows for real time manipulation.

How Can I Experience Augmented Reality Singapore?

In order to experience augmented reality, the computer user must first download an application or plug in, and have access to a web camera. In addition, there are application versions that are also compatible with various smartphones. When the user intitates augmented reality, the application uses either the web camera or a locating device similar to GPS to spot the exact location to be integrated. The user then experiences a combination of reality and computer generated imagry and/or sound that enables them to become part of the augmented reality world.

How is Augmented Reality Used?

Augmented reality is currently being used for a wide variety of businesses and in numerous markets around the world to separate companies and publications from their competitors. An augmented reality company in Singapore has established a number of highly advanced virtual reality programs that have been applied to various movies and animations. Other uses include virtual imagery in publications like flyers and magazines, greeting cards, maps behind television reporters, automobile windshield embedded navigational programs, the integration of historical events with the real time environment, video games involving a combination of augmented reality and real world events or objects, virtual dressing rooms so that users can try on apparel anytime, and even virtually displaying information above the name of exhibits and signs for tourists.

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