Business Applications Development in Singapore

December 11, 2012
Written by: Sreeprakash Neelakantan

Business Application Development Singapore

Applications development involves the conversion of a marketing goal or user need into a web-based application or software application. The development of software applications entails combining research with engineering as well as software marketing goals in order to create software products. The creation of web applications involves the use of a front end, which can be obtained or accessed by an internet-connected computer.

Business Application Development Singapore

Professional business application development services can aid in optimizing the internal and external progression requirements of a businesses. Application development service providers are skilled in giving clients the software applications they need to meet their business goals. With these applications, companies will have the right technical support to remain relevant and make profits in spite of the fierce market competition.

With custom application development services, businesses will benefit from software apps that match their requirements and are built using standardized technologies. This is because many of the applications developed by these providers are based on the requirements of a business. Examples of these apps include a performance tracking system and Intranet reporting, among others. When an app is developed that suits a business, it will be able to streamline its work processes as well as boost the company's overall productivity.

Phases in an Application Development Project

There are certain defined steps and principles that professional app developers follow when creating applications to suit the needs of their clients. Below are the four phases involved in application development:

1. Envisioning the direction and nature of a project

In this stage, the developers and management team assigned to a project work together to establish the project's goals, that is, what the application must accomplish. This involves recognizing the project's limitations, versioning and scheduling the application. This phase is completed when a clear documentation of what the app will finally achieve is made.

2. Creating a plan

This phase involves determining how the application will be developed. Some of the factors that will need to be established include the most appropriate scripting language to be used, features to be included and the length of time required to complete the project. The primary tangents in this phase are functional specifications and project plan. Functional specifications clearly elaborate how the software application will flow and function while the project plan outlines the timeframe of tasks and events.

3. Development

As soon as the functional specifications and project plan are ready, the process of developing the application will begin. The developers or programmers will begin coding, publishing and testing data. This stage establishes the coding procedures, entities and data variables that will be utilized during the remaining part of the app project. The developers will then prepare a milestone report or document that will be reviewed by the management team.

4. Support, testing and stability

This phase revolves around testing the application and removal of network issues, discrepancies and bugs that may cause any malfunctions or failure of the application. This step also involves establishing procedures and policies for a good support system.

A professional service provider will develop an application that will perfectly suit any business. They will also use an exhaustive and thorough testing process to determine the viability of software and ensure that it is of highest quality.

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