Children Apps for iPad Singapore

March 3, 2012
Written by: Sreeprakash Neelakantan

Don't Forget the Basics when Creating Children Apps for the iPad Singapore Market

As a language coordinator for a grade school and a successful kid app designer, I was recently asked to talk about the development and use of children's apps for the iPad Singapore market. The audience included people interested in entering the app market, innovative startups and many android developers Singapore wanting to enter the child apps market.

Subjects Touched on

Of course those that are in the iPad developer Singapore market touched on the high-tech issues such as, multi-touch counting aids, augmented reality, music sequencers, the use of the camera and microphone and other innovative digital space technologies that a kid-apps ipad and Android application development company might be interested in, but all of this high-tech talk made me realize one thing. The more I thought about high-tech gadgets and use, the more I analyzed the way my own 5 year-old used these apps, finally coming to this conclusion; the best kids apps in Singapore and around the world offer great storytelling and great characters.

The Kid App Revolution

Children love stories and especially those that have strong characters in them. In the ipad developer Singapore world, we seem to get taken up in the whirlwind of technology that we forget the most basic element of designing apps for kids - give them a good story line.

To confirm this look through the most popular children's apps and you'll find that those apps with good stories, and either famous characters or really strong characters are those that are downloaded the most for iPads. You'll find some great storytelling iPad apps made by virtually unknown mobile apps developers Singapore, that are topping the charts; besides functionality and aesthetics, their only real selling point is these offer a great story. This coming from small companies of two or three people that develop apps Singapore.

Innovation is Key

A concept only a very few iPad and phone app developers Singapore are looking for these great story tellers, and turning to - guess where – the kids themselves for great stories. Yes, great storytelling can also come from children, not just authors and any app maker Singapore.

Some apps made through the combined efforts of children, educators and a reliable apps developer Singapore company, can become one of the most popular kids apps for the iPad. Providing the programming android Singapore remembers to apply the basic children's app making guidelines; keep it simple, add beautiful aesthetic colors, make it intuitive, and add functionality that is easy for children to use.

Bottom Line

While technology is important, and adding new features and cool high-tech actions to apps is fun, the basics in good child app development shouldn't be forgotten. Keeping it simple often works best, and this sometimes may require more than just the work of Android developers singapore to make a great kids app. It may need the productive relationship of teachers, educators, software development android Singapore experts, child psychologists and even kids, to make excellent kid apps for the ipad in Singapore.

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