Create a Game for the Singapore App Market

July 6, 2012
Written by: Sreeprakash Neelakantan

How to Create Interest in a Game You Create for the Singapore Market

There are certain issues you can run into as a novice game developer in Singapore, which other more experienced developers can often help you solve. One important issue all new developers run into once they have created that new app is getting people to buy it. This is the age old question, how do I sell my product effectively? Well, listen carefully, as we've got the biggest and greatest idea to help you address this problem.

Game development in Singapore focuses mainly on the mobile app industry and with a combined 1.4 million other apps on the market, we can say that the Singapore consumer has more than enough apps to choose from. This may be why new and experienced mobile app makers in Singapore look so highly upon the app stores that tell users what to play and which apps are the most fun, while others can simply languish away in the black hole of the app stores.

So the issue to solve is, how to get your newly created app noticed and get it to rise above the melee. When observing from this point of view, many experienced Singapore app developers decide to build free trial versions of their app. Marketing studies show that users are more apt to try a new game or app if there is a free trial for it.

That Aha Moment!

So the idea finally hits home when a developer decides to place a free trial version of the newly developed game for Singapore consumers in the app store. But why stop there? As a game developer, you should be offering free samples to everyone. By making it available on as many platforms as possible you reach out to more game players, allowing them to see your game, play with it and then decide to purchase the app version.

Place it on the Web

By making free trials available both to app users and to web users you reach out and engage players from all over the world. You can create that viral effect so many game developers seek.

The speed of viral marketing is impressive. For some game developers who combined web marketing, social media and offered free trial options for functional and well designed apps, the viral marketing process only took a matter of hours. It immediately brought users, and many of these users became app buyers for their newly released game.

How to Make Free Trial Versions

Just as designing an app or game creating a web version of an app game is not easy, but it's not impossible either. You may opt to convert C++ to HTML5 as popular games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope or Bouncy Mouse have done. You can even use technology like emscripten to help you preserve the original game look and performance. Other applications to help you make the change might be Native Client that lets you run C++ on a web platform. For developers using Unity, they can export their game to a web version, providing users download a browser plug-in.

Bottom Line

Once the game trial is made for different platforms including the web make sure users from all over the world can play and experience it. Allow them to share it with their friends and track how the users are testing it. This way you'll know which design and game elements work best and which need tweaking.

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