Educational Apps Singapore

May 22, 2012
Written by: Sreeprakash Neelakantan

Who Makes an Exceptional Children's Educational App Maker in Singapore?

Although the app industry is relatively new, parents and children have high standards, and with more than 700,000 apps in the Apple AppStore and about the same number in the Google Play store, any apps developer Singapore needs to work harder at making educational apps in Singapore more interesting, functional and fun.

The Facts

Pew Research Institute suggests that parents are more likely to download apps than non-parents. Nearly half of all cell phone owners who are parents download apps, and 84% of parents that are tablet owners download app games for their kids. Even so, parents are becoming more discerning, not any app or game will do. They want educational apps that draw the interest of their child, but also help develop their learning skills, or reinforce school subject matter. In the companies that develop apps Singapore this is a relatively small niche, one where very few phone app developers Singapore have experience.

Why is the Educational App Field so Difficult?

Most app developers are unfamiliar with being parents; they also have very little experience in education. An app developer may not know what courses children take, the types of learning materials they need, or even what skills they should have at different ages. Because educational app development requires both a tech and educational background finding an iPad developer Singapore who can create an app to meet all the requirements a popular educational app needs can be difficult.

The solution

The solution to this problem is to make those that aren't necessarily tech savvy into expert mobile apps developers Singapore. The idea is to make a child psychologist, an educator, a school director or even a parent into an app maker Singapore

How can a Non-Tech Person Become a Successful App Maker?

Teachers, educators, principals, parents and psychologists know children, and understand what concepts children learn at specific ages, these professionals can make the ideal educational software development android Singapore experts. They just need to partner with a reliable android application development company to get their concept developed.

The Basics

As an educational expert you'll need to develop your artwork based on your requirements. You want to take mockups into the Android developers Singapore. This way they can visualize the vivid colors that must be used. The large images and intuitive functionality the app should be developed with.


Remind the app maker Singapore you choose, to keep settings and menu applications away from the bottom part of the screen. If the app requires sound or recording functionality, make these so they don't interfere with the overall functionality of the app. When little fingers press these buttons by mistake they won't keep the child from using the app. Ask your phone app developers Singapore to make your app buttons as large as possible so kids can make the page turns easily, but place these in such a way so they don't mistakenly touch these functions.


Educational apps just as any other app is about innovation. Ask your programming Android Singapore specialist to help you find new ways of getting your message across. Think of the way you have customized your in-class games and add this type of customization to your educational app.

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