Fun with Letters of the Alphabet Singapore


PreSchool Letter Bubbles

Apps offer preschool and kindergarten kids wonderful learning opportunities. Children are fascinated by the bright colors astounding sounds and great game activities, but parents are just as fascinated. Games like "Fun with Letters of the Alphabet Singapore," help children learn to identify letters, sounds and words.

Interesting Game Play

Kids love bubbles and this app gives them plenty of bubble action. Kids simply pull the rubber band back and let the ball back and up it goes to pop as many letter balloons as possible. As the balloons pop the app makes the letter sounds to help kids identify the letters and their sounds. Pop a letter bubble and hear the letter sound and the name of an animal that starts with that letter.

As the game progresses your child can progress through different level, with each offering different bubble and letter configurations. This app offers tons of replay abilities, which for them means fun and for you means offering them a better education.


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App Features

This app is fun and educational offering some astounding features like:

- Vibrant colors

- Eye catching graphics

- Funny animations

- All the squeaks, chimes and more that any child wants. Sounds that make letter and word identification more interesting.

- Easy touch screen action with intuitive functionality for preschool and first grade students.

- Intuitive use where preschool children don't need the help of adults to make the app function.

Educational Value

This is a fun and addicting game for Singapore kids that helps build up your child's memory skills, his vocabulary, and helps him identify letters and words. It gives kids real world value to concepts they are being taught in school.

Why is the App Important?

Every year more technology is being introduced into the classrooms. Teachers make iPads available to kids for classroom use and the reason in doing so, is because this type of activity reinforces language arts being taught to preschool and kindergarten aged children. Parents can also take advantage of the educational value of technology by purchasing and downloading apps like "Fun with Letters of the Alphabet Singapore," which help reinforce concepts being taught in the classroom.


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