Looking for the Perfect Art Work When you Build Games in Singapore

July 21, 2012
Written by: Sreeprakash Neelakantan

An article on game building in Singapore

Many would be game developers often ask me about graphics. Just how do you draw the cool graphics for a cool game design idea? It really pains me to see so much talent in Singapore go to waste simply for a lack of graphic design ability. So I've listed a few techniques below to help you get a game developed without being cut-short simply because you don't have the graphics skills.

Build for your Level of Art Skills

Before trying any other technique you should first try to build a game app that fits your art skill. If your strong point is programming and the only drawing you can do is geometrical then make a game that uses geometrical forms as graphics. Just think Tetris.

When it comes to game building, graphics are only a feature that gives feedback to the player. It doesn't necessarily have to wow them. Focus on the game mechanism and use a little ASCII art or art that is available online and you could still have a terrific game app for your market. These are just a few games that designed for functionality first and made up for a lack of graphic skills:

Play with Fire

Dwarf Fortress


Look for Free Stuff

As a new Singapore graphics specialist you are probably on a budget, so look for free graphics. You'll find thousands of free options on the web. These may not be the best available, but you can certain spiff them up and make them work for your needs.

You can always build-up on the free art. Design is about finding a solution and adding a spike to an existing one is much easier than designing a whole knight. You can adapt free game art by colorizing, changing small features and more. Even the programmer with the least amount of skill can make these simple changes.

Pay for the Graphics Skills you Need

If you are really worried about your graphic work then you should hire a graphic artist to make your designs. This way you can get the custom look you want. However, you need to be patient with whatever artist you choose. The people in this industry are just as busy as you, and good artwork takes time.

If you are on a budget and don't know where to turn in Singapore for a great game art designer, you could look for a freelancer on websites like oDesk, Freelancer or eLance.

How Much Will it Cost?

Prices vary greatly and it depends on the type of artwork you need but you can generally expect a decent artist to charge anywhere from $20 to $60 an hour. You can of course ask for an estimated work-time expected so you have a general idea of what to expect.

Budget the Money In

There are more than a few ways to budget for art expenses. You can create a game with free art and use the proceeds to pay for quality artwork. You can set aside a certain amount each month to pay for quality art work, or you may even be able to negotiate with partial game proceeds from the sale of your game or app.

Any of the top suggestion works, but the one that doesn't, the one more often looked for, is when would-be game developers try to find great artists to work on their game art for free. Good artists have piles of work on their desks, they don't have time to take on free work.

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