PreSchool Activities for Kids in Singapore


Kids Love the Activities for Kids in Singapore App!

PreSchool Activities for Kids with Jojo

Preschool Activities promises countless hours of game play, all with integrated basic learning concepts any child can easily understand. Children learn basic math principles like learning to identify shapes, colors, draw lines and even learn basic sight words with each activity they participate in.

But even as children are learning they are also playing. The game starts when the child decides to help Harry and Sally find their baby giraffe Jojo, who is lost. To do this children must pass through obstacles, solve puzzles and learn to identify objects as they try to get poor Jojo to his parents. Along the way they get to meet a lion, a snake, a monkey and bird to help them along.


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Looking for activities for your preschool aged child can be challenging; kids between 2 and 4 are into everything, and their little minds are constantly at work. As a parent you want to take advantage of this natural curiosity and need to learn. Most parents of Singapore children worry about giving their children an educational advantage even before they enter school and introducing them to game apps that have an educational value can do this. One of the best and most inexpensive ways of doing so, is by using the app "PreSchool Activities for Kids Singapore."

The Fascination

The fascination in playing with this app lies in the beautiful artwork, interacting with the touching characters and listening to the fun sound effect. Along the way children's imaginations are challenged and their preschool knowledge increases.

The Features

This app has two different modes, the "learn mode" that teaches children different concepts and the "play mode" that brings these concepts to life, allowing children to use them in real life situations.

Its All About Fun Learning

With newer app technologies you can turn child play time into learning time too. This increases their skills but also promotes the concept of learning being a fun activity, one they can participate in on their own or with a parent or older sibling at their side. Devices like the iPad and iPhone can give children a substantial advantage in their education, especially when paired with educational and fun apps like PreSchool Activities for Kids Singapore


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