Khet - The Laser Game 2.0 now in Singapore!


App version of the Award Winning Laser Game: Khet 2.0 now available for download on AppStore and Google Play in Singapore!

The Award Winning Laser Game: Khet 2.0 with Artificial Intelligence Engine by Don Dailey!

Get Mensa Select Award winning board game & Toy of the Year 2011 finalist as an App Now in Singapore!

Powered by the Artificial Intelligence Engine by Don Dailey (developer of KOMODO world's leading Chess Program)

Pharaoh, Scarab, Sphinx, Pyramid, Anubis, Laser and a classic strategy game! Illuminate the opponent’s pharaoh by bouncing the laser beam off the mirrors while shielding yours from harm. Powered by AI engine by Don Dailey. CLASSIC, DYNASTY, IMHOTEP - 3 unique arrangements ensuring exciting game- play. Offline AI mode, 5 attractive theme boards, 3D coin design, 5 invincible difficulty levels, multiplayer and cross-platform functionality  and many more. Infinite possibilities, gripping game-play and ever so entertaining!


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