The Wheels On The Bus Go Round Singapore


Wheels on the bus

Every child loves the song, "The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round." Actually, most adults have fond memories of this song too. it is well loved because of its rhyming lyrics and its association with the real world situation of a child.

Fill the Room With Giggly Laughter with The Wheels on the Bus Go Round!

The Wheels on the bus go round and round…
A very popular Singapore children’s song in a new way! Listen to the narration, sing along with the rhyme, record your little one’s song and playback, read along with the song and much more. It includes an educative word game with varying difficult level. Complete with beautiful graphics, stunning audio, cute animations, creative interactions, simple to use interface.


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The Educational Value

However, The Wheels on The Bus son is not just a kids song, it also offers kids great educational value. It teaches them to love narration and gives them the desire to learn to read.

The Wheels on the Bus Singapore App

Now! Parents can offer children this beloved song in a whole new way, giving them even more pleasure and giggly fun. "The Wheels on the Bus go Round Singapore" offers parents this great song in a beautiful iPad or iPhone app with great interactivity and beautiful art design work. The app allows parents and children to sing along, but it also offers:

- Beautiful artistic imagery

- Bright colors that draw children's attention

- Interactivity that allows kids to touch and feel the song as you never could.

- Lyrics that float underneath the song video to help children identify words.

- Intuitive interface that even the youngest of children can manage on their own. All a child needs to do is touch the different images to get the interactivity he loves and swipe the page arrows to turn the page in the app.

Parent-Child Bonding Opportunity

This app offers you the perfect opportunity to bond with your child wherever you are. You can be at the bank, on your way to school or simply shopping, and all you have to do is pull your iPad or iPhone out and touch "The Wheels on the Bus Singapore app icon." Children are immediately fascinated. It offers the perfect way to entertain preschool aged children at any moment.

Even though this app offers the perfect bonding opportunity for parents and kids, children can work the app on their own too. The pages are easily changed and the interactivity starts with just a small touch of those little fingers. Little ones can even record their voices as they sing along and play it back for even more entertainment.

Bottom line

Children love this app as it increases their joy in play and song. It helps teach them self identifying characteristics by allowing children to easily play back their song recordings. It helps them learn to maneuver technology and introduces them to narration, rhyming activities and reading. This allows parents to work with children who are too young to enter school but not too young to start learning.


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